Luke Desmond

Luke Desmond
我喜欢 我不喜欢
80% (10票)
  • 生日: 1990-09-03
  • 年龄: 27
  • 身高: 177
  • 种族: Caucasian
  • 等级: 4
  • 查看: 2 050
Since he first appeared as a straight Scally boy in 2010, Luke Desmond has become one of the most desired British gay porn stars. With a dick measuring nine and a half inches long and a smooth swimmer's body, Luke can also melt your heart and harden your rod with that moody look of his. He might not look like it at first, but this Brit is a dick pit who loves bottoming and topping, dominating and submitting. Luke got his own showcase movie from Eurocreme, The 9 Inches Of Luke Desmond, that shows off just what made him famous.
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