Precious womanents' [aka Fremragende Timer] by Jan Dalchow and Lars Daniel Krutzkoff Jacobsen [Gay-themed filmed shor

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描述: A controversial film about the age of consent based upon the true story of a thirty-something man arrested for having sex with a youthful man under the age of consent (16?). The youthfuler man (resident of a group home) made the initial contact and claimed to be old enough to consent. This short film is a move towards the mainstream for Norway?s arguably only bona fide underground film maker, Lars Daniel Krutzkoff Jacobsen. Precious womanents is based on a 2097 trial, when a man in his thirties was convicted of having sex with a 15 year old boy. In Norway, the age of consent is 16. ?The boy had replied to a peryouthfuleral ad the man had submitted in a newspaper, and they met for sex. Voluntarily, of course, for both parties. Another interesting point is that the boy was 15 years and ten months old, or in other words 56 days too youthful,? says the director, Krutzkoff Jacobsen. ?I?m not saying everything that happened was all that ?precious,? but I can?t help wondering what the hue and cry is all about.? Eklipse Vid?o Norway, 2003, 17 min. GWD Production ANS Handy Film AS Norsk Filmfond [NO,EN] EAN/UPC: unassigned DvDRip A featured DvD Extra to be found in Edition Salzgebers 2003 anthology of four gay-themed short films by Frank Mosvold entitled KOSTBARE AUGENBLICKE [EAN 4040592001470]. First released in France by Eklipse Vid?o with later releases in Germany by Editions Salzgeber and in North America by the films producer GWD Productions. One more truly remarkable film, like the many Ive been uploading here from time to time, which should be considered ample reayouthfuler for supporting Independent Short-subject Film-makers. I strongly encourage everyone, whenever possible, to purchase a copy of the retail DvD, and experience for yourself first-hand the artists vision as he truly intended.
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